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How to Lose Belly Fat

"And Finally Melt Away Your Stubborn Fat, Build Lean Muscle, And Feel Amazing in 6-WEEKS!"

How to lose stomach fat
lose stomach

Are You Ready To Shed Some Excess Fat, Gain Strength, And Boost Your Energy Back to Your Early 20's? All In 6 Weeks...From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Our Brand New Coral Springs Fitness Studio!

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(Fitness + Nutrition) x Accountability = Results

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Advanced Science-Based Technology

We Use Proven Techniques To Give You The Clarity And Understanding Of Your Body Composition And Metabolic Health.

Personalized Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

We Pair You With A Personal Coach Who Understands How To Create A Nutrition and/or Fitness Plan That Is Right For You.

Unbreakable  360º Support  System

We Provide An Unbreakable 360º Support System So You Can't Slack Off or Bail Out On Your Health and Fitness Goals


How to Lose Belly Fat

Personal Metabolism Testing

Unlocking The Secret To Your Metabolism. A Resting Metabolism Test Reveals What Your Body Needs To Shed Those Extra Pounds. Say Goodbye To Guesswork And Hello To Sustainable Weight Loss Forever

Advanced 3D Body Scans

Going Beyond The Scale . An Advanced 3d Body Scan Shows You The Complete Picture Of Your Body Composition, Revealing The Areas You Need To Focus On For Weight Loss Success. Empower Yourself With Accurate Data And Reach Your Goals

Body Composition Testing

Your Body, Decoded. An InBody Advanced Body Composition Scan Gives You A Detailed Analysis Of Your Body, Showing You Exactly Where You Stand In Terms Of Fat Loss And Muscle Gain. Say Goodbye To The Guessing Game And Hello To Targeted Progress

Don't Just Take My Word For It. Take Our Clients...

Real People. Real Results

When It Comes To Client Success, A Picture Or Video Says 1000 Words. Take A Look At Real Results, By Real Clients, That Are Really Amazing.

"This challenge has shown me how to eat well, how to plan for my meals, and how to work out; Only 30 mins a day...that’s all it took. And just to strive to be a better person for myself, my son, and be a better wife. Thank you Tenisha and Dwayne!"


best exercises to lose stomach fat

"Always easy working with Dwayne. He knows how to keep you accountable without making it overwhelming 


"You changed my life".


How to lose stomach fat

"Working with Tenisha & Dwayne eliminated all the what works vs won't work at all...guessing game."


exercise to lose stomach fat

"I'm a busy mom, but the simple quick workouts and meal plan helped me eliminate the excuses"


best ways to lose stomach fat

"I personally found the challenge to be dummy proof. It was so simple and easy to the 'T'. I will personally continue this and turn this challenge into a lifestyle. Plain and simple, I just liked the challenge. "




4500 N. University Drive, Suite 101 Coral Springs, FL 33065

The Solution Is Here: Fast, Long-lasting Weight Loss Results And The Healthy Lifestyle You Need To Keep Them! Here, Busy Professionals Of All Fitness Levels Experience The Head-Turning Body Transformations They Desire With Our Exclusive Semi-Private Fitness Sessions.

The Key To Your Fat Loss Success Is Our Signature Burn45 Workouts, Support And Motivation From Our World Class Coaches, And Easy To Follow Nutrition Program To Help You Keep The Fat Off. 

Who Is The Full Body Transformation Challenge For?

If You're A Busy Professional, Then Chances Are You've Got Some Big Goals For Reclaiming Your Confidence And Achieving A Full Body Transformation. Whether, It's Fitting Back Into Your Favorite Pair Of Skinny Jeans And Ditching That Belly Fat Once And For All...

You Want to Lose Inches Around Your Waistline. You Want To Feel Sexy, Confident, And Fabulous!

However, There's Just A Few Problems Right Now:

  • You feel totally out of control around foods and drinks, and feel your willpower just isn't strong enough

  • Each week, it seems like you're able to grab even more fat around your waistline and you don't know why

  • You're sick of telling yourself that this weight gain is "normal", that it's just another part of getting older

If This Doesn't Sound Like You Then This Program IS NOT For You!

If Any Of This Had You Nodding Your Head, Thinking "Yes, That's Me" - Then Read On, Because I'm So Excited To Share This Game-changing Opportunity With You.

I'm Going To Show You How, After Trying And Failing With So Many Different Diet Programs And Fads, And Felling Frustrated And Worried That Nothing Will Ever Work For You, You Can Get Out Of This Pattern And Completely Turn You Health And Body Around. 

So If You've Ever Felt "Stuck"-or Even "Incapable"-because You Feel Like...

  • There's Not Enough Time In The Day To Focus On You And Get Back To Feeling Amazing.

  • It's All Too Confusing And Don't Know Where To Begin

  • ​You Can't Move Forward Because You Are Exhausted And Tried. 

Then, I'm Ready To Personally Show You Our Brand New Cutting Edge Way To Banish Body Fat And Feel SexyStarting Today!
Listen, I Know From My Own Transformation (And From The Experience Of Working With Over 2,000+ Local Busy Professionals Like You That There Is A Simpler Way To Ditch The Muffin Top and Pot Bellies.


How to Lose Belly Fat

At HUNGER 4 FITNESS, our fitness classes are not “classes” in the traditional sense, but results-driven, sessions focused on weight loss and body toning.



Our signature 45-minute semi-private workouts combines Fat Burning Intensity Interval Training with the cutting edge FITBENCH and Technogym SKILLRUN Treadmills to produce fun workouts that burn twice the calories in half the time and keep your metabolism running at a higher rate for up to 36 hours post workout.

Every HUNGER 4 FITNESS session is led by a certified coach to ensure that you get the best workout, most fat burn while keeping you safe and injury free!


How to Lose Belly Fat

Welcome to a revolution in fitness! At HUNGER 4 FITNESS, we've cracked the code to efficient and effective weight loss. Say goodbye to mindless hours of exercise with little to no results and hello to a dynamic blend of top-tier fat-burning and muscle-toning exercises. We've meticulously curated every session to pack a punch in just 45 minutes, harnessing the power of low impact steady-state cardio to supercharge your metabolism.

Our unique approach not only accelerates weight loss but ensures you're building lean muscle at the same time. Experience the magic of our routines that infuse high-energy bursts with sustaining cardio, giving you a full-body workout without the exhaustive time commitment. Dive into a routine that respects both your body and schedule—because results shouldn't take all day!"


How to Lose Belly Fat

Step into HUNGER 4 FITNESS in Coral Springs, and instantly feel the difference! This isn't your run-of-the-mill fitness space. Here, every pulse-raising session is crafted by our elite nationally certified coaches, committed to sculpting your dream results. Say goodbye to the chaos of oversized group training and hello to our intimate setting with a maximum of 8 clients. It's a haven where you're always in focus, never lost in the crowd. Drop the repetitive, uninspiring routines. Dive into workouts that respect your time and give you the tailor-made attention you truly deserve!

Here’s what you will -- and won’t -- see on your first visit to our local Coral Springs Gym

  • All Fitness Levels Welcome

  • ​Friendly, Certified Coaches

  • ​Small Intimate Private Group Setting 

  • ​Nutrition Mad Simple

  • ​Positive Community 

  • ​Fun Body Toning Workouts

  • ​Support and Accountability 

  • ​Results You'll Be Proud Of

  • ​No Intimidating Equipment 

  • ​No Counting Calories

  • ​No Silly Over Crowd Workout Stations

  • ​No Lack of Attention Large Group Classes 

  • ​No Figuring It Out Alone

Come Experience the HUNGER 4 FITNESS Small Group Private Training Difference And See Why It’s Everyone’s Favorite Workout!

YES! You Can Finally Lose A Ton Of Fat, While Enjoying These Amazing Benefits...

Easy Workouts That You Can Easily Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

 So you can spend less time cooking and exercising, and more time doing the things you rather be doing!

More Energy ThanYou'll Know What To Do With

 Perform better at work, at play and your busy life!! 

Eat the Foods You Love(Including Carbs)

There's a way to enjoy your guilty pleasures and still get the results you want.

Perfect for Beginners to Seasoned Vets

Easy to follow QUICK ATTAINABLE GOALS all laid out for you. We take all the guesswork out of it!

Learn My 3 Easy Secrets To A Flatter Stomach And Getting The Body Of Your Dreams?

Discover How We Have Helped Thousands of Busy Professionals Lose Weight and KEEP IT OFF!

Coral Springs Online Weight Loss Nutrition Coach Tenisha Douglas

-Tenisha Douglas, Certified Nutrition Specialist

Coral Springs Online Personal Trainer Dwayne Douglas

-Dwayne Douglas, Certified Personal Trainer

Hey, it's Dwayne & Tenisha Douglas! Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Coral Springs Residents. You may know us as the husband and wife team that operated #1 rated Boot Camp in Coral Springs, where we taught over 2,000+ local residents how to lose weight via our exclusive Habit Stacking consistency programs.

We both struggled with weight loss as well..until we discover the key method to losing stomach fat while juggling a busy schedule. 

We have a question for you...

Do you want to learn the secrets on how to lose belly fat?

But, can't seem to figure out the right program for your body type..

Or do you feel stuck with your workouts or diet?

If the answer is Yes, how does it feel?

We know how it can be, you go to the gym or you workout at home but the training feels boring. You work with the same old exercises and it gives no effect. 

We can help you, lose the weight in 6 Weeks or less! We call it the 6 Week Full Body Transformation Challenge it is an excellent opportunity for you to try out personal training. 

We give you training programs via our own app which is super easy to follow.

Matter-a-fact, our 6 Week Challenge program is FREE. 

Why do we offer this amazing opportunity? Because over 92% of those who join our Transformation Challenges, lose 3 to 6 LBS in the first 7 Days!

Plus, they get to see the value of getting daily diet coaching and personal accountability, so they choose to continue with us.

So it's a win win.!

Most of the time, most people only need the training programs that are tailored to them and someone to report too. It is exactly the function that a our Transformation Challenges fulfils.

So take the chance now, the program will not stay up forever!  


You Want To Lose Weight And Feel Better—without Having To Eat Like A Rabbit Or Pay For Overpriced Gimmicks That Don’t Work.

Something Else That I Noticed Really Early-On While Working With My Clients Is…

Their First Week On My Program Is One Of The Biggest Weight Loss Weeks! Why?

It's our easy-to-follow weight loss system, which is designed to teach you our secret habit forming formula in just 7 Days. We will show you how to start being more consistent with both exercise & nutrition. We've included everything you need to start burning stubborn belly fat, gain lean muscle...and MORE!



  • Done For Your Blueprint That Shows The Short Sequences To Turn Your Unwanted Belly Fat Into Lean Tone Muscle

  • ​Discover The Never Before Seen, Step By Step Sequences That Our Clients Are Using To Finally Seen A Flat Toned Stomach

  • ​No Equipment Needed

  • ​Tone Up & Fit Better In Your Clothes: Each Workout Was Hand Crafted To Sculpt Lean Muscle In All The Right Places! It's Time To Get Rid Of The Wiggles And Jiggles And Start Building The Confidence And Bikini Body You've Always Wanted.


  • ​Unlocking The Secret To Your Metabolism. A Resting Metabolism Test Reveals What Your Body Needs To Shed Those Extra Pounds. Say Goodbye To Guesswork And Hello To Sustainable Weight Loss Forever

  • ​​Cracking The Code To Weight Loss: Resting Metabolism Test - Uncover The Hidden Key To Unlocking Your Body's Unique Metabolic Blueprint. Finally, Discover The Personalized Formula For Sustainable Weight Loss And Wave Goodbye To Endless Guessing Games.

  • ​Your Body's Blueprint For Success: Resting Metabolism Test - Dive Deep Into The Mysteries Of Your Metabolism And Unleash Its Full Potential. Unveil The Secrets Of Calorie Burn And Pave The Way For A Slimmer, Healthier You. Embrace Sustainable Weight Loss That Lasts A Lifetime..


  • Going Beyond The Scale . An Advanced 3d Body Scan Shows You The Complete Picture Of Your Body Composition, Revealing The Areas You Need To Focus On For Weight Loss Success. Empower Yourself With Accurate Data And Reach Your Goals

  • ​​Unveiling The Full Story: Advanced 3d Body Scan - Don't Settle For Superficial Measurements. See The Real You In Stunning 3d, Exposing The Hidden Truths That Go Beyond The Scale. Get The Full Picture And Sculpt Your Body Into A Masterpiece.

  • ​Targeted Transformation At Your Fingertips: Advanced 3d Body Scan - Witness The Power Of Precision As You Identify The Exact Areas To Conquer For Weight Loss Triumph. Say Goodbye To One-size-fits-all Approaches And Hello To A Tailored Journey Towards Your Dream Physique..

  • ​Data-driven Success: Advanced 3d Body Scan - Empower Yourself With Accurate Data That Serves As Your Roadmap To Success. Unleash Your Body's Potential, Armed With Insights That Guide Your Every Move. Reach Your Goals With Confidence And Achieve The Transformation You've Always Desired.


  • Your Body, Decoded. An InBody Advanced Body Composition Scan Gives You A Detailed Analysis Of Your Body, Showing You Exactly Where You Stand In Terms Of Fat Loss And Muscle Gain. Say Goodbye To The Guessing Game And Hello To Targeted Progress

  • ​U​nleash Your Body's Secrets: InBody Advanced Body Composition Scan - Unlock The Hidden Truth About Your Physique, Revealing The Precise Roadmap To Shedding Fat And Building Muscle. No More Guesswork, Just Targeted Progress!

  • Harness The Power Of Precision: Inbody Advanced Body Composition Scan - Leave Behind The Murky Waters Of Uncertainty And Dive Into Crystal-clear Insights. Watch Your Body Transform As You Track Every Ounce Of Fat Lost And Every Inch Of Muscle Gained. Say Hello To The Body You've Always Wanted!



  • This Is The Same Quick Meal Plan That My VIP Clients Use To Reboot Their Metabolism And Accelerate The Burning Of Stubborn Belly Fat. Inside This Guide, You Will Learn How To Manipulate The Water And Carbohydrate Absorption In Your Body To Quickly Lose Belly Fat In 7 Days.

  • ​Discover Our Quick & Easy "Blocking Method". You Don't Have To Give Up Everything You Love To Lose Weight. 

  • ​No Professional Chef Degree Required! It's All About Have The GOOD Carbs And The GOOD Fats That Will Actually Make The Weight Melt Off.

  • ​No More Guessing What Food Should I Eat And What Time Should I Stop Eating Them.

  • ​Complete List With Everyday Ingredients. No Crazy, Expensive, Or Complicated Ingredients. Take Your Simple Cheat Sheet To Your Local Wal-mart, Publix Or Aldi And You'll Have Yummy Waist Slimming Meals To Eat In No Time.


 BONUS #1:


  • You'll double your results with The Flat Belly Formula once you get the Flat Stomach Secrets - Ultimate Training Guide. These guide is packed over 10 years of science-backed nutrition hacks and workouts using my special blend of Metabolic Resistance Training and High Intensity Interval Training to produce the best belly fat burning workouts possible.

  • All the tips and shortcuts are designed for busy-people that you will be able to complete in about 20 minutes so you can go on with your day while your body keeps burning body fat at an elevated rate. Gym membership or not you'll still be able to crush your belly fat with these powerful fat burning workouts and nutrition hacks.

  • ​You will learn all the foods to avoid when looking to slim your waist in 4 weeks or less. I will give you the science behind our exclusive food blocking formula that will help you burn stubborn belly fat without having to count a calorie 

 BONUS #2:


  • Everyone is different and that’s how weapproach your nutrition planning. If you join the Lose Your Stomach Challenge today. I will give you front-of-the-line VIP ZOOM Consulting. In this LIVEZOOM call Tenisha will break down ourprogram, and show you the quickest way tolose your belly based on yourbody type

  • You will learn quick & simple self-care & stress-reducing rituals to bring better balance to your life (believe it or not, these contribute to weight-loss too)

  • ​Just for participating, you have the chance to win delicious & healthy prizes each week from food & supplement brands I use myself 

 BONUS #3:


  • The Dining Out Secrets guide empowers you to indulge in dining out guilt-free, providing you with the ultimate resource to avoid unwanted weight gain.

  • ​Discover the art of effortlessly navigating any sit-down restaurant worldwide with this powerful yet straightforward guide, ensuring no hidden calories or unhealthy ingredients ruin your dining experience.

  • ​From starters to sweet treats, Dining Out Secrets reveals insider tips and tricks that equip you with the knowledge to savor mouthwatering meals while prioritizing your health and maintaining your waistline.

 BONUS #4:


  •  Join TODAY and we'll give you FREE access to the secret In-App Support Group. The Support Group is FREE, other programs charge hundreds of dollars for support that just isn't anywhere near as comprehensive 

  • ​Get All The Motivation And Encouragement You Need. You Will Get A Welcome Message Right When Your 28 Day Meltdown Challenge Begins, And Meet All The Ladies Doing The Live Challenge With You!

  • ​Stop Trying To Do This Alone: Have You Ever Felt Like Those Around You Are Trying To Tear You Down From Reaching Your Goal? That's Why You Will Get Real Time Support From Us And Other Busy Women Just Like You.

Skeptical? We Don't Blame You!

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee

We 100% guarantee that you'll lose weight in 6 Weeks, or we will continue to train you for FREE until you do! 

We call it our "Lose Weight Risk FREE Guarantee" 

Yup, that's right you have nothing to lose, but weight with us.

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's Why...

We've Only Reserving A Few In-person Training Spots, And When They're Gone... Well, They're Gone!

If This Page Is Still Here, Then The Offer Is Live. But I Reserve The Right To Pull It Down At Any Time.


Lives Saved*


Pounds Lost

4, 875+

Lean Muscle Gained

Just A Little More Proof...

What Real Clients Are Saying...

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